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I hope that you find the following information useful. This section explains why I think you may want to consider a professional dressmaker! I have added it to my website to be as informative as possible, I’d like you to enjoy the journey and if possible, be part of it!

Firstly, many brides do not realise that buying their dream wedding dress is only the starting point. Wedding dress alterations are not an optional part of the wedding dress process; they are necessary for a dress to fit and look as good as possible. Brides should be sure to familiarise themselves with the alterations process and be prepared to spend some time with me to get everything just right. You are the one that everyone will be looking at on your wedding day and the dress is so important to make you feel great about your special day.

A Custom Made Wedding Dress Is Not Necessarily Custom Fit

Many wedding dress designers will not make a specific bride's wedding dress until she orders it. However, this is because it is expensive for the company to make wedding dresses, and they don't want to have a lot of unsold dresses just lying around. Even if a bride is measured for a wedding dress, the dress is still only available in the usual range of pre-set sizes. If a bride does not perfectly fit into a size eight or twelve wedding dress, or if her bust falls into the range for one size and her hips fall into the range for another, then she will end up with an ill-fitting wedding dress. Since most bridal salons do not stock every dress in every possible size, and since wedding dress designers can use different sizing systems, a bride should always assume that a dress will need a few adjustments for the best fit. Brides that are opting for strapless or form-fitting dresses will be especially concerned with a dress that fits well enough to stay in place.

Tailors That Specialise In Wedding Dresses Are Better

Some brides are tempted to save money by attempting alterations on their own, especially if they or a family member has a sewing machine or some experience with sewing. This is a mistake; wedding dresses are elaborately constructed, and many involve multiple layers of fabric or lace and beading that needs to be accounted for. While the expense of hiring a professional tailor can seem excessive to some brides, the cost of completely replacing a ruined wedding dress is greater! Even if the bride has a professional tailor or seamstress in the family, I strongly recommend she takes her dress to a person with whom she can have a strictly business relationship with.  Professional tailors are worth the money and worth the time.

In the same vein, it is best for brides to seek out a dressmaker that specialises in wedding dresses. While most tailors or dressmakers can all perform the same alterations on a dress or on other articles of clothing, tailors, dressmakers that specialise in altering wedding dresses have specialised experience that gives them an advantage, will understand the bride's time frame and needs better than a regular tailor might, and they are more familiar with techniques used for delicate fabrics, laces, and embellishments.  Therefore brides will have a better experience if she chooses a service where she will have the fittings and alterations done by the same person to avoid misinterpretations. 

A Good Tailor Can Alter Any Wedding Dress To Fit.

Brides that opt to wear previously loved wedding dresses; sample dresses, or who have significantly changed weight or size may worry about a wedding dress fitting properly. I can adjust a dress to account for a difference of many inches.  If a bride is uncertain of her wedding dress sizing, she should always order a dress slightly larger. I can easily take in a dress so that it is fitted and flattering, but there is not a lot of material in a wedding dress to let it out.

Also A Good Tailor Can Change The Look of a Wedding Dress.

Some brides will find that they have bought a wedding dress that they are unhappy with. This may be a previously owned wedding dress that does not meet expectations, or perhaps a bride on a budget was not able to afford the designer dress that she wanted. I am able to do a lot more than take in or let out dresses.  Alterations can also include simple changes like adding or removing beading, lace, and other embellishments. I can also add or remove sleeves, adjust necklines, change hems, and even alter the skirt shape by removing fabric. A bride can buy her own materials at a fabric shop, or I may be able to arrange it for you as I have some supply of beads and lace. I can make changes to any dress, and transform them into something truly unique and special. 


Alterations Can Take Weeks

I am often booked for weeks or even months in advance. Whilst basic dress alterations can take anywhere from a few hours of labour to weeks of work I sometimes have numerous dresses that I am working on at one time. Since many brides will have multiple fittings to ensure that the dress is perfect, my schedule quickly fills up. Brides should always budget at least a month's worth of time for wedding dress alterations. If you are short on time I will make space in my schedule, but this expedited service is slightly more expensive as I have to work longer hours as the other dresses still need work. 

When scheduling with a tailor or a dressmaker for a wedding dress alteration a bride should plan for at least an initial consultation, a fitting to check progress, and a final fitting, at which she will takes her dress home if it has no further issues. The first fitting will take about an hour, but following fittings only half an hour or less, depending on how long it takes the bride to get in and out of her dress. A bride may wish to bring a bridesmaid along to help speed up the process.

Wedding dresses, especially those made of silk or other crisp fabrics, must also be prepared before the wedding day. They will need to be gently steamed to remove any wrinkles, and they need to be carefully hung up in a garment bag to protect them from wrinkling or damage. I am familiar with other wedding vendors, venues, and resources that you might need, so please ask and if I can help, I will.

It’s a privilege for me to be a part of my clients wedding preparations. 

I wish you my kindest wishes on your special day.  

​      Terms and conditions 

  • I offer free consultation or estimation appointments with no obligation. 

  • Please allow 1 month for these services. Emergencies can be carried out within a week for a 25% express charge.

  • Payment by cash, or bank transfer.

  • All made to measure and restyling services require a 50% deposit of the full price, with the balance payable on collection

  • A cancellation fee of £30.00 will be charged if the service is cancelled after the fitting has been carried out.

       Price guide 

  • Price for taking in or letting out depends on the dress style, the type of fabric and beading involve, from £80 to £250*

  • Price of hem depends largely on the number of layers, the size of the skirt and amount of lace and beadwork involved, from £80 to £250*

  • You're more than welcome to bring in your gown for an estimation or send a photo for an approximate quote.

       Flexible appointments 

  • morning: 9am-12pm

  • evening:  5:00pm-7pm

  • Saturday: 10am- 12pm

phone : 07771 780623


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